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Affirm & Amplify is a Mighty Dames Initiative, created to bring awareness and fundraise for marginalized peoples and underserved communities and causes.


We believe that true allyship must go beyond words and must include action, as well as financial support. We recognized that while larger, national-level organizations tend to acquire the most attention and funding, it is the smaller, grassroots organizations that can make the most impact in the day-to-day lives of these communities and their people.

how does it work?


Every 3 months, The Dames will team up with one of our members to shine a light on an underserved group, cause, or community, as well as a non-profit in their local community or state.


We will create a  rashguard, co-designed by our fellow dame that embodies the community that they are looking to highlight. We also create a patch & shirt.


We will sell these limited edition items in The Mighty Dames store. Rashguard will be available as pre-orders for 4 weeks. They will be mailed out after production, 3 - 4 weeks later.


25% of all profits from rashguards and 10% of shirts will be donated to a pre-determined local, grassroots organization, of our member's choosing, with a minimum of $150 donation guaranteed. 


After the initial donation, shirts & rashguard will remain in the store for 1 year. The Dames will continue to make monthly donations to the non-profits, 25% for rashguards & 10% for shirts.

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