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Affirm & Amplify initiative
has expanded!

Affirm & Amplify is a Mighty Dames intuitive, created to help support and bring awareness to underserved communities. 

who are the Mighty Dames?

In most jiu jitsu and grappling organizations, 

any woman over 160 lbs. is classified as a "heavy".​

We decided to embrace that title.

The Mighty Dames is a collective of ladies dedicated to representing & supporting the

"Big Girls" in the grappling world.  

The Mighty Dames

are here to:

 Help connect

fellow female heavys

 Be a platform

to highlight YOU

Support positive &

healthy body image

We firmly believe in the power of positive reinforcement within our community.

Looking to join our community? 

Want to speak with other Dames?

Join our Facebook group to get involved in the conversation

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