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Happy pride, y’all. As always, The Mighyt Dames + Affirm & Amplify continue our support and push for inclusion within Jiu Jitsu with a revamping of our “Jiu Jitsu for All” shirt.


  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex shirt
  • Features unisex sizing


*The Dames is a proud LGBTQ+ affirming community. As a part of the Affirm & Amplify Initiative, 20% of profits of this shirt will be donated to the Traction Project.


Traction Project runs queer & trans martial-arts clubs, and develops a self-defense system specific to trans people. 

They were created to build community programs to solve gender-based injustices that are being overlooked by other organizations. These programs are designed to be functioning models for movements that will extend beyond Traction Project’s immediate reach.


Learn more:



for larger sizes, up to 6XL.

Jiu Jitsu for All Shirt

Color: White
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